Gas sensors Gas Sense GS-300.L are monitoring methane and LPG and signal exceeding the permissible concentrations.
Fast response and long life sensors are guaranteed by using a catalytic measurement principle.
Microprocessor control and self diagnostic function ensure correct operation of the sensor.
Easy installation and calibration make sensors suitable for periodic inspection and maintenance.

Gas sensors Gas Sense GS-300.L are in ABS housing with IP65.
Compatable with gas controllers GA-300.

Gas sensors GS-300.L are installed in locations with possible leakage of methane or propane-butane and accumulation of gas fumes. They are cost optimized, efficient solutions for sites where ATEX certification is not required.

Detected gas


Measuring range

Order code



0-50% LEL



C3H8 и C4H10.

0-50% LEL


Gas Sense GS-300.L


  • detected gases: Methane, LPG
  • sensor element: catalytic
  • measuring range: 0 – 50% LEL
  • output signals: 0-4-12-20 mA
  • working voltage: 12 ÷ 24VDC
  • power consumption: < 2W
  • sizes: 160 х 120 х 48 mm
  • weight: 0.180 kg
  • material of enclosure: ABS
  • ingress protection: IP5
  • working temperature: 0 ÷ + 50 ºC
  • humidity: 30 ÷ 90% RH
  • pressure: 1 bar ± 20%
  • runtime: more than 5 years in standard conditions
  • certified in accordance with: D98/336/CEE-EMC; EN 50270

           Data sheet GS-300.L