Addressable gas detectors GS-300.N are intended for detection and measurement of combustible gases.

Different principles of detection with catalytic, semiconductor or electrochemical sensor elements are used.
Reliable operation of the sensor is guaranteed by the self diagnostic function. The condition of the sensor element is constantli monitored and alert is activated in case of fault.

Sensor calibration is done remotely with magnetic key without opening the enclosure that facilitates periodic test and callibration.

Gas detectors GS-300.N are in IP65 rated plastic housing.

Addressable gas detectors GS-300.N are designed to monitor the concentration of explosive gases and respond to increased concentrations.

Along with addressable gas controllers GA-ADR.E1 they can be integrated into the overall building automation system.

Detected gases


Measuring range

Order code



0 - 100% LEL



C3H8 ; C4H10.

0 - 100% LEL


Sensors for gases, which not exist in the table are made with preliminary order.

Gas Sense GS-300.N


  • detection principle: semiconductor, catalytic, electrochemical
  • measuring range: 0–100% LEL
  • output signal: RS485
  • working voltage: 12÷30VDC
  • power consumption: < 2W
  • weight: 0.520 kg
  • sizes: 155 х 95 х 48 mm
  • enclosure material: ABS
  • ingres protection: IP65
  • cable glands: 1/2/3 - М16/M20
  • working temperature: -20 ÷ + 50 ºC
  • humidity: 30 ÷ 90% RH
  • pressure: 1 bar ± 20%
  • sensor life: til 5 years for semiconductor and catalytic sensors
  • meets the requirements of EN 50270  

        Data sheet GS-300.N