Domestic gas detectors H-220-LPG is intended to monitor concentration of LPG and signal light and sound at excess levels.

LED: green LED - normal operation, red - alarm, yellow - failure

The first time sensor heats 30s. Device gives a double beep sound and lights green LED /normal operation/.

Upon reaching levels above 20% LEL LPG red LED lights, the unit emits a continuous beep. After 5 seconds, the relay output is activated, which stops the gas supply.
Gas detectors allows calibration with standard gas. H-220-LPG meets the requirements of EN 50194.

Domestic gas detectors H-220-LPG provides safe use of appliances burning LPG. In order to guarantee its corect work the following requirements must be met:

  • Be installed at a height of 30 cm from the floor /LPG is a gas heavier than air/ and no further than 5 meters from the source of leakage.
  • Avoid installing in places where his work may be compromised such as confined spaces, directly on the sink near the windows, doors or windows, in damp and wet areas, in places with a lot of dust because the sensor may be contaminated, and areas where the temperature is not less than -10 and not more than 40˚C.
  • Do not use in close proximity to the device substances such as alcohol, solvents and thinners, adhesives, silicone products, paints, cleaners, aerosol products.
  • Clean with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.


Technical specifications

  • detected gas: LPG
  • detected range: 0÷20% LEL
  • sensor type: catalytic
  • relay output: SPDT, 230V/2A
  • working voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • power consumption: 5W
  • sound signalization: differential >85dB
  • LED indication
  • working temperature: -10÷ +50˚С
  • humidity: 30 ÷ 90% RH
  • pressure: atmosphere ± 10%
  • sizes: 130 х 95 х 38mm
  • weight: 0.150 kg
  • certification: СЕ

Technical data sheet H-220