Addressable gas controller GA-ADR.E1 manages till 32 gas detectors.

Addressable gas controller GA-ADR.E1 have 3 alarm levels with light and sound indication, 4 relay outputs; RS-485 interface; LCD display, non volatile memory for alarm events; diagnostic of communication lines and gas detectors, the possibility of a external battery power supply.

Developed in enclosure for DIN rail mounting.

Gas controller GA-ADR.L is compatible with gas sensors GS-ADR.BC.V and GS-300.N.

Addressable gas controller GA-ADR.E1 comply with industry standards. The ability to control a large number of independent zones makes them suitable for use in large industrial sites.

When monitoring of combustible gases typical applications of GA-ADR.E1 the production and storage of fuels, production of pesticides, agrochemicals, plastics, glass, pulp and paper, dyes, pigments, paints and more.

In the control of toxic gases such as CO addressable gas stations are optimal solutions for water and thermal power plants, garages, tunnels, large public buildings, etc.


Technical specifications

  • DIN rail mounting enclosure
  • number of inputs: 1
  • alarm levels: 3
  • supported gas detectors:  GS-ADR.BC.V,  GS-300.N
  • max number of gas detectors: 32 
  • communication: RS-485
  • LCD display
  • LED indication
  • relay outputs:  4pcs.  (2A/220VAC)
  • working voltage: mains (230 VAC/50Hz); back up (12 VDC)
  • non volatile memory for events
  • sound signalization
  • real time clock
  • working temperature: 0 - 50°C
  • humidity: 30 - 95 % RH

           Data sheet GA-ADR.E1