Gas controllers GA-220.LI.03/04/06 are designed to control 3 to 6 gas sensors for explosive, toxic or refrigerant gases. Signal light and sound when passing the alarm levels and switch relay outputs. Have 2 alarm levels with LED indication and differential audible alarm depending on the alarm level.

Gas controller GA-220.LI.03/04/06 features:
"TEST" mode that allows you to check the condition of the system. Possibility for external rechargable battery. "RESET" mode deactivates triggered alarm relay outputs for 2 min.
Housing for panel mounting allows installation together with the overall system of building automation.
Gas controller GA-220.LI.03/04/06 compatible with gas sensors GS-220.B.V. ATEX certified

Gas controller GA-220.LI.03/04/06 must be mounted outside controlled areas where possible leakage of explosive, toxic gases or refrigerants. They are ATEX certified and are suitable for use in the production, processing, storage and sale of fuels, industrial production - using organic ratvoriteli, boiler rooms, storage spaces, production and storage of paints and chemicals, control of refrigeration systems and others.


Number of inputs

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Technical specifications

  • number of inputs: 3 to 6
  • supported sensors:  GA-220.B.V
  • alarms levels: 2
  • signalization: LED, sound
  • output signals: relay, SPDT, 230V/2A
  • working woltage: mains (220 VAC/50Hz); backup (12 VDC)
  • power consumption: 7W, 9W, 12W, 15W, 18W (depends from the number of sensors)
  • sizes: 126 x 148 x 72 mm 
  • weight: 0.540 - 0,610 kg
  • working temperature: -20 ÷ +50°C
  • humidity: 30 ÷ 90 % RH
  • ATEX certification  II 2G EEx Iа IIC T5 

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